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JIMARS – Jyoti Divyang Punaras Kendra (Viklang Kendra) is based in the Centre of Allahabad, next to Allahabad University, opposite Bharadwaj Ashram, with land, sanctioned by the State Government &the District Administration.

The Institution is based adjacent to National Highway 96. It is near Prayag Station, University of Allahabad and Opposite Bharadwaj Ashram, Allahabad.

The facilities comprise:

This facility comprises of Multidisciplinary assessment Centre comprising of Basic Medical Care with Specialist consultants in Orthopaedic Surgery, Physical medicine and Rehabilitation and consultants on call in Ophthalmology, General Medicine, General Surgery, Urology, Plastic Surgery, and Neurology & Neurosurgery, Physiotherapy, Clinical Psychology, speech therapy Patients and Persons with Disability are attended / examined / assessed / investigated - necessary consultation provided


Pathology (Basic), Radiology, Speech & Hearing Assessments, Psychological profiling, Basic Neuromuscular Assessments.: NCV, EMG, EP. EKG Facility exists Efforts are being made to upgrade both Imaging, Pathology, and to set up facility for Neuro muscular Investigation.


For Paediatric, Adult and Geriatric Conditions

The Physiotherapy Section is well equipped with all Modern Electrotherapy facilities including Microwave, Laser, Short Wave Diathermy, TNS, Ultrasound therapy unit, CPM for Knee patients, Traction – both manual and Electronic, wax bath, Tilt Table, Quadriceps Exercisers and other equipment of routine electrotherapy.


A Casualty with monitoring facilities, Minor OT, Dressing and Plaster Room Facilities are available.

E. BED FACILITY FOR THE SPECIALLY CHALLENGED, PWDS – for Reconstructive Surgery and Rehabilitation

Beds and stay facilities including ward beds, Surgical Intensive Care Facility, Wards/ Dormitory/.FOR OUTSTATION PWDs/Specially Challenged and their wards A New Spinal Unit for Spinal Surgery, Spinal Injury is in the process of being set up. It has been started for Spinal Rehabilitation at this point in time seen , Commissioner Shri Upadhyaya IAS, General Sumer Singh.


The horizon of “Special Education, & rehabilitation” is far wider than the narrow confines of , "Special School", and many Rehabilitation Fcaiities

A wide array of disorders affecting infant, children, young adults, elderly age group are being catered to on an outpatient basis – with particular emphasis on Musculoskeletal, and affiliated systems e.g. Nervous system. Special Education, Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy Psychological, Orthotics & Prosthetics (on call) are also being provided.

UMANG School- for specially challenged children- MENTALLY RETARDED & Multiply Disabled catering to 40 specially challenged children.

F. Veena Singh Spastic Centre:

F. Veena Singh Spastic Centre: catering to average of 20 spastic, Autistic and Children with Downs syndrome per day. Additionally, on an average 8 to 10 new children with above disorders are being assessed and attended every week.


Parents of Children of both these Units, particularly from distant villages, are taught home bound programs and methods to implement them with periodic follow up.

These Unit are now part of the effort of inclusive education with effort to integrate these children in Scoiety.So they have a flexible schedule system

Long term stay facilities are provided to parents with facilities for stay and Cooking facilities in the Dormitory mentioned, are also provided

Physiotherapy/ Occupational Therapy/Speech Therapy : to these children, including training in Activities of daily living, self-care and Special education are an integral part of Umang and Veena Singh Spastic Centre


1. Quality and not quantity
2. To provide a fertile learning ground for students for Teaching Training.



Founded on the vision of our founder Padmashri Dr. J. B. Banerji to establish an Institute of Rehabilitation, for Teaching and training of all cadres of personnel associated with Rehabilitation and affiliated branches, it has taken almost three decades to see the light of the Day.

Starting from developing a basic Infrastructure and upgrading it with teaching Aids, Digital Teaching, Getting good teachers, every infrastructure painstakingly developed JIMARS Teaching and Training is firmly entrenched and moving steadfastly towards more horizons.

The Teaching & Training unit of JIMARS first took wings in 1992 by running the Multipurpose Worker Program (MRW) recognized by Rehabilitation Council of India (R.C.I.). We were amongst the first few Organizations to get recognized by Rehabilitation Council of India and impart Training to field Workers.

Today after 24 years of experience in this field, developing an infrastructure for Practical and dedicated teaching and Training, JIMARS is imparting quality Teaching & Training in various fields of Rehabilitation.

Presently JIMARS conducts NATIONALLY Certified courses of Rehabilitation Council, under the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Government of India , THEY are University Courses of National Institute of Empowerment of Person with Disability , of the Ministry at Chennai :

1. Diploma in Special Education – Cerebral palsy{DSE(CP)}, - Two-year Regular Course
2. Diploma in Special Education – for Mentally Retarded {DSE(MR)} - Two-year Regular Course.
Recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India and affiliated to the National Institute of Empowerment for Physical and Mental Disability(N.I.E.P.M.D.) Chennai
3. B.Ed. (MR) Course- as study Centre for Rajashri Tandon Open University (U.P.R.T.O.U.) Allahabad

All the above.

In 15-16, the Institution had 100% results in both years of Diploma Courses which is commendable and full credit to the teaching faculty.

Academic Council

Dr. J.P Singh, Former Secretary Rehabilitation Council of India, Prof. Vinaya Pande former Head of the Department of Modern History, University of Allahabad, Prof Komilla Thapa- Head of the Department of Psychology, University of Allahabad, Prof Mahesh Chattopadhyay Ex IITian, former Professor of JK Institute of Applied Physics, Prof Asheem Mukherjee Present Head of the Department of Commerce and Director of (MONIRBA) Motilal Nehru Institute of Business Management, University of Allahabad, Dr. Neera Banerji, presently Member of Ethics Committee of University of Allahabad, Secretary Academic Council JIMARS bringing in dynamism, Project Director Dr. Neera Banerji, an Ophthalmologist with 20 years of Experience in Rehabilitation and Academics, AND as yet unbroken record of University of Allahabad of a girl student with highest number of Gold Medals in her Medical Career, with her team are steadily taking the teaching and training towards excellence, Ex Officio Member Dr. Bhasker Banerji, Orthopedic Surgeon, with 25 years of Experience in Rehabilitation and Honorary Secretary of JIMARS.


It is a matter of great pride for JIMARS Institute of Teaching & Training that Miss Neetima Rai a Second year D.S.E.(C.P.) student secured second position in All India National Board of Exam of Rehabilitation held in June 2016 she was honored by the National Institute for Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities and Rehabilitation Council of India(RCI) at a Ceremony held at Chennai on 14th May 2017. – our students are good at studies can compete at All India Level.

At the Institute, the learning environment is designed to impart theoretical knowledge with a Practical hands down approach. Special emphasis is laid on Smart Lectures, Didactic and interactive lectures, case studies, assignment, Power Point presentation, guest lecturer from other Institutes also. Seminars and Workshop are held every year to upgrade the knowledge of teachers & it is a learning experience for the students.

The leadership development for student and teachers include public speaking, team building games, Resume writing, group discussion & a multi-dimensional personality development.


Our students at JIMARS are exposed to real life Rural Experience and also to various other Institutes working in the field of Rehabilitation & Medical field eg. Deaf & Dumb School at George Town, Mamta School, Leprosy Hospital, and others where they are exposed to a wide Spectrum of Cases of Medical & Rehabilitation Sciences.

To enrich the entire teaching experience- by exposing them to tie ups with the Allahabad University, E.N.T. Department, Department of Cognitive Sciences, Psychological Bureau, Department of Education, Department of Psychology and Documentation Techniques. Government Agencies – Viklang Kalyan Vigbhag, Samaaj Kalyan Vibhaag, Documentation Centre Allahabad, Employment agencies, Basic Shiksha Adhikari – Rajashri Tandon University – and Other Centers associated with their curriculum.

Our emphasis at JIMARS (Viklang Kendra) has been always been on excellence and placements. With 100% results of DSE(CP) 1st and 2nd Year students, the placement has been very good. The exams are conducted by N.I.E.P.M.D., Chennai. It is a boost to our Academic & Placement cell of JIMARS.


The students of Diploma Courses of R.C.I. are good candidates for Teachers in Primary School, Sarva Siksha Abhiyaan and in Normal School too, were they getting good employment. Their placement value is high. Our students at JIMARS are placed all over India eg. Rajasthan, Gujrat, Uttar Pradesh, Gurgaon, Bihar, Faridabad, Ghaziabad etc. The placement percentage is 86%

Symposia And Conferences
JIMARS SENSITISES Anganwadi and ASHA Workers towards the Specially challenged children on 23 March 2017


The two inspectors Prof. Arvind Sharma and Prof. Rajesh Mishra with the Project Director & Hony. Secretary


In the Midst of Allahabad-in the place where Sage Bharadwaj Muni had his hutment and did his penance , meditation and wrote and taught great Saints, Princes, Common people and Spread Knowledge lies the Sanctified Institution JIMARS.

Situated in a Triangular Green Zone, full of greenery Stands JIMARS


SPINAL Injuries/diseases is PRESENTLY a priority area of concern – and the need to develop facilities in terms of Spinal Centres is very much there. JIMARS is trying to develop a Spinal Centre in its own complex – much infra structural inputs are needed. Eastern Uttar Pradesh does not have one. This would act as a nodal DEMONSTRATION unit for teaching and training and horizontal spread of the services dormitory facilities, for long term care (including spinal injury).

Spinal Injury Centre, New Delhi, is providing the expertise.

The effort at starting it have begun and work is in progress in this major area of Concern. Much help is needed.


**Periodic Medical Camps and Camps for Persons with Disability are an Integral part of JIMARS, particularly in Rural areas
** Ongoing Rural Care:

A Community Day care facility for 46 children with Disability is based at Karchana Block of Allahabad District, one at KORAON . The One at Kausambhi is facing difficulties from hooligans

Present status of the Building

The covered floor area, of the sanctioned plan when completed will be 6000 (5934) square meters, of Which 3000 (2965.88) square meters has been already constructed and in use. (2 Floors have been made, each of approximately 1482.94 Sq. metres).

So the land, sanctioned plan, and two operational floors are existent

The Built-up area of 3000 square meters is being used for the activities mentioned above namely:

  • Multi-Disciplinary Assessment Zone
  • Investigation facilities (Basic)
  • Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy
  • An Inpatient Zone of 46 beds
  • Reconstructive Surgery facility for deformities.
  • UMANG Centre
  • Veena Singh Spastic Centre
  • Teaching Facility for courses Recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India
  • Classrooms, Demonstration Centre, library, Computer Training Zone,
  • Play Area for the specially Challenged ( tin the development phase)
  • An auditorium with capacity of 75.
  • Feeder Orthotic, Prosthetics Services for Custom made Appliances
  • It is proposed to develop the facilities mentioned, complete the building complex and establish a National Institute of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Sciences - A Centre of Excellence.

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